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AV&VS Limited are now proud to offer a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for purchase. Safety is one thing within the healthcare setting that cannot be dealt with lightly, and so our company is passionate about supplying the very best. All of our employees are adequately trained and should be highly knowledgeable on the subject.

It is in our experience that many people believe that they are wearing the correct PPE but in fact are not. It may be the case that different PPE must be worn for different patients or special PPE be used when handling sensitive drugs.  As we are all aware, any oversights can have catastrophic effects on a large number of people.









Whatever your requirements, contact us immediately to find out how we can help you to help others.


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AV&VS Limited unveil new website

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AV&VS Limited welcomes all customers to their new website.

A reliable, family run business with extensive knowledge of the 'decontamination of medical devices'.

Previously a company that solely offered 'Independent Validation Testing' of various decontamination equipment, AV&VS Limited are now proud to also offer a variety of consumable items for purchase. These products are all necessary within the decontamination process and can be supplied at competitive costs. Please take a minute to browse through the 'Products' section in the toolbar above. Should you not find what you require, do not hesitate in contacting us as we may still be able to help.

So, whether its a validation for your endoscope washer or a Bowie Dick test pack for your large porous load you desire, why not see how we can help.


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